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Save Money With Tips From Our AC Company

Are you concerned that your air conditioning unit is causing your electric bill to skyrocket? During the hot summer months, many of our clients complain that their utility bills are absurdly expensive. We've compiled some useful information for our customers so they can combat rising energy costs. As an AC company, we've seen it all - and know how to prevent future problems from arising!

AC Company Greensboro, NC

Try these strategies to see a significant drop in your utility bill in Greensboro, NC.

Reusable AC filters. Air conditioning units require maintenance - especially the filters that collect dust, dirt, and pathogens from the air. If you neglect your air conditioning filter, your AC unit doesn't work as well. So, don't delay replacing your AC filter. Instead, buy a reusable one! You'll have to hose it off every once and a while, but that's it. Your AC system will last longer, and the utility bill will decrease.

Program your thermostat. We've all come across that person who is a stickler about higher thermostat temperatures in the summer and lower temperatures in the winter. As annoying as that sentiment may be, they do have a point. Luckily, you can program your thermostat to automatically raise the temperature of the room in the summer and vice versa in the wintertime. And, you can program your thermostat to do this when you're not home. A little change makes a big difference. If you're having trouble installing a thermostat, our AC company can help.

Invest in a white roof. It's true - the color black is a sponge, while the color white is a deflector. Buildings with white roofs require 40% less energy than buildings with black roofs - that's a lot! If you're open to painting your roof white, choose an elastomeric, polymer, and waterproof coat of paint. You'll end up saving at least 100$ per year!

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