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Furnace Repair for the Greensboro, NC area

You wake up in the morning, jump in the shower, only to realize that it's lukewarm. It won't heat up. Unfortunately, this is a sign that your furnace isn't working properly. In order for a home to feel comfortable year round, you need a fully-functioning furnace. Many customers in the Greensboro, NC area come across furnace troubles. It's the nature of being a homeowner. If you have an old furnace, you're overdue for a replacement. They can only withstand so many furnace repairs. 

That's where Frye's Heating & Cooling, Inc. comes into play. Our heating company has served the Greensboro, NC area for many years, assisting customers with efficient and long lasting furnace replacements and repairs. We can troubleshoot and diagnose the source of your furnace system headache, improving the heat flow throughout your home once again. No more cold showers, poor running water, and drafty hallways.

Furnace Repair Frye's Heating & Cooling Greensboro, NC

When Do You Need Furnace Repair?

Efficient heating systems use minimal energy and maintain quality air conditions. When your furnace is broken, old, or in need of furnace repair, the signs and symptoms will be apparent. You should be completely aware of these signs, as a furnace crisis in the middle of the winter isn't pleasant and can be dangerous!

  • Your gas and electric bills are skyrocketing. If you keep tabs on how much your average heating and electric bill costs throughout the year, you'll start to notice a difference if the price jumps. Old furnaces lose capability as they age. Therefore, your furnace runs longer to maintain your chosen temperature, causing your utility bill to rise.
  • Thermostat doesn't keep you cozy. Are you noticing that one area of the home is hotter than the other? If you know that your windows are fully sealed and protected, you can easily figure out if your home isn't heating evenly. A furnace that needs repairs will often unevenly distribute heat throughout the house.
  • Yellow burner flame versus blue. This is a sign that carbon monoxide is floating through your home - a dangerous chemical that needs to be treated right away. Other signs of carbon monoxide are excess moisture found in cold surfaces, rusting on pipe connections, and soot around the furnace.

What About Furnace Replacement?

If you've had a furnace repair in the last two years, you might need a furnace replacement. You can liken furnaces to vehicles. The older the furnace, the more you have to repair the furnace. You could end up paying more in furnace repairs than you would for a brand new furnace installation. Another deciding factor is the age of the furnace. Furnaces normally last between 16 to 20 years. Start shopping for a new furnace ahead of time, rather than waiting for a last minute furnace replacement. You'll reduce stress and save money in the long run.

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Contact Frye's Heating & Cooling, Inc. if you're experiencing signs that it's time for a furnace repair or furnace replacement. We proudly serve the Greensboro and Pleasant Garden, NC areas with finest services. Give our heating company a today!
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