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Tips From Our Heating Company in Greensboro, NC

The Greensboro, NC area experiences cold weather from the end of November to the end of February, on average. When the temperature drops below sixty degrees, homeowners need to put on the heat. Well, what if you notice that your heating bill is skyrocketing? How can you save money on your heating bill, and at the same time, save energy? By working with these tips from Frye's Heating & Cooling, Inc., we guarantee that you will understand how to heat your home properly. If you need a furnace repair before the cold weather sets in, our heating company is happy to do so.

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Heating Tips Our HVAC Company Lives By:

Have your air ducts and heating sources inspected by a reliable HVAC company. We suggest you schedule an air duct inspection before the winter weather hits. We can repair and seal any duct work as needed.

Ensure that your attic, air ducts, walls, and floors are insulated. Without proper insulation, your furnace will have to work twice as hard to heat your home. If your furnace is overworked, it can lead to many repairs, and even a furnace replacement down the line. We can install insulation throughout your entire home, to make sure that you're not wasting any precious heat!

Find any drafts and seal them. Are your windows and doors bringing in cold air, despite what you try to do? Well, if so, you need to insulate your windows. You can buy window insulation film at any local hardware store. Or, you can contact us and we can seal up the drafts for you.

Only turn on the heat when you are home or awake. This is crucial! Why waste energy heating your home when you aren't there? Sure, you may be a little cold when you get home, but if your house is properly insulated, it won't take long to heat up. Make sure that you are turning on the heat when you are home. If you need the heat on while you're sleeping, turn the thermostat down to sixty-eight degrees.

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